Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today is Tuesday!That means it time for a little fashion!

Now that its spring you probaly won't be wearing long sleeves and warm pants! It's time to be wearing shorts and skirts! Along with tee shirts ,too!Now is a good time to start looking for clothing that is approproate for warm weather! If it's still cold where you live then start saving some green! Speaking of green... it's also a good time to start recycling! I have to write for wednesday today because i wont be able to write tommarrow!


Every Wednesday I will be writing about friends.This week,get green with your pals! you will feel good about your self after you spend one afternoon cleaning up trash around your neighborhood! What does that have to do with friends? well bring your friends along! the more people the better looking your neighborhood will look!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Yay! It's Monday! every monday i will be writing about... Getting organized for the week!

Considering you are still in 5th grade, there is not much to talk about! Just a couple of weeks before school ends! Right now would be a good time to check out your new school! Most Schools will allow you to do this! Here are somethings to look for!

  • bathrooms and water fountains
  • the lunchroom
  • the library
  • the gym

when you get your schedule that would be another time to come visit to find other stuff! The more you visit your school the more you will know your way around! more on getting organized for the week next monday! Tomarrow i will be giving advice on fashion! have a great day!

If you are having any problems or any questions about todays topic please email me at liv.aurora@yahoo.com and i will anwser you personally!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

So...next year you're starting the 6th grade! Good for you! You've survived Elementry school(hopefully) and now you're going up to Middle school!!!!! This is a guide where everyday i will be writing about School (teachers and homework...), Boys, fashion, Beauty, and friends! Hope you enjoy! I will also be giving advise for any problems you have! just email me at liv.aurora@yahoo.com

Just a Test

If you are starting 6th grade in the fall of 2010 this is a guide for you! Check back!